Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Year...New Members

 As 2016 has begun, we wanted to introduce our new members, in addition to Brother Victor and Lance. Here are a few videos so you can get to know them a little better:

First off, we want to introduce Connor Maher, a student at St. Mary's college who is a percussionist and beat boxer. Check out this video which displays his beat boxing skills:

Next, we want to introduce a member of the Salesian family, nephew of Father John Roche, Sean Roche. Sean plays a variety of instruments, including the bass guitar, guitar, harmonica, ukulele, and the banjo. Here is a clip of him playing the banjo:

Lastly, we want to re-introduce a guy who many are already familiar with, who also plays a variety of instruments including the guitar and the bass. His name is Devin Twitty. See 2:11:

These guys are very talented individuals and great men who want to serve God using their gifts and talents. It's been great playing with them so far and we hope 2016 will bring in a great year for Capuchin Brothers Music. Peace in Christ!

Monday, January 11, 2016

St. Nicholas Party!!!!

Hello all!!! We hope everyone had a great Advent and a Merry Christmas. Last month was a fun month for Capuchin Brothers Music, as we were invited to perform at Our Lady of Peace in San Jose, CA, at a Theology on Tap Youth Group get-together. 

CBM performing "Eye of the Friar"

There were 14 or so performers who stepped up to the open-mic and showcased a variety of music, from cover songs to original songs. It was a great opportunity to hear people's gifts and talents, and to get to know the young adults a little more personally on stage. 

Conor Maher on the Cajon, and Br. Victor rapping "Mary Blessed Mother"

What made this different from other performances was that it was the first time performing with our 3 new members: Conor Maher, Sean Roche, and Devin Twitty. Be on the look out for future posts about our new members.

From left to right: Devin Twitty, Br. Lance Houck, Br. Victor Taglianetti, Sean Roche, Marvin, (not pictured: Conor Maher)

Lastly, we want to thank the Theology on Tap Youth Group of the San Jose Diocese for allowing us to join them, as well as the priests from the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE) and the sisters from the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matera (SSVM), both stationed at Our Lady of Peace. Thank you for your witness and your service to the Church and to Our Lord.

Devin Twitty playing guitar

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pope Francis Receives "Metanoia"!

David Flores, our good friend who helped to produce our single, Mary Blessed Mother/Do Whatever He Tells you on our album "Metanoia," recently got a rare opportunity to meet Pope Francis! The Holy Father invited a group of newly married couples to meet him, and David and his wife and good friend of ours, Pauline, were chosen to meet him!

We gave David a copy of our album to give to Pope Francis, as well as a letter addressed the pope thanking him for his witness, love, and example. We also asked Pope Francis to bless our ministry as we try to share the love that God has given us.

Here are the photos! You can see a man (David) giving Pope Francis a letter with "Metanoia" wrapped with it:

We want to thank David for doing this and we hope Pope Francis enjoys the album!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

We Recorded a New Song! : The Eucharist

Yesterday, Br. Victor and Br. Lance recorded a new song: The Eucharist. It is about the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and how his incarnation and his coming down to us speaks volumes on so many levels. 

Check it out for free on SoundCloud:

Shout out to JP Soundz for the beat that we used. Br. Lance did the mixing and production of the song, as well as singing vocals. Br. Victor wrote and rapped the lyrics. 

We hope to put out more songs in the future. And remember, our newest album is out: Metanoia, which can still be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and many other online sites.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's Official...Our First Album: Metanoia, Now Available!

On the eve of the feast day of our Seraphic Father, St. Francis, Capuchin Brothers Music would like to proudly announce the release of our first album: Metanoia. What a blessing it has been to write and produce this music, to share it with others for the glory of God! 

There are 11 tracks on this album, with a variety of sound: guitar, singing, rap, acoustic, electric, cajon and other percussive instruments make for a truly unique album. 

You can get our album online, from all major online distributors, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify,  and CDBaby:

If you are close by Berkeley, we also have physical copies available at the St. Conrad Friary.

All proceeds for the CD will go towards the seminarian fund, for the formation of the brothers and to help pay for studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

God Bless you all! Hope you enjoy the album!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Capuchin Brothers Music Percussionist Invested!

     Capuchin Brothers Music would like to proudly announce that our Percussionist, Br. Niko Barth, was officially invested as a Novice at the San Lorenzo Seminary about two weeks ago, along with fellow Br. William Cisneros. Our two brothers received their Capuchin habits (the religious garb/clothing) on July 19th, along with 21 other novices from the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

Br. William Cisneros (left) and Percussionist Br. Niko Barth (right)

     The novitiate year will be a time for the novices to further discern God's will, to see if God is calling them to our way of life. They will be involved in some ministry and physical work and labor, but will mainly be cultivating their prayer-life. 

23 newly invested novices, the Novitiate Formation Staff, and fellow Capuchin Friars from different Provinces.

     We are very excited for our two brothers! Please join us in praying for their vocation and perseverance. Congratulations brothers!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quo Vadis Days- "Where Are You Going?"

     Quo Vadis Days, which is Latin for "Where are you going?"  was the second retreat that Capuchin Brothers Music took part in this month. This particular retreat, situated at the Diocesan Retreat Center for the Oakland Diocese in Lafeyette, CA, was geared towards young men who are discerning the priesthood and/or religious life. This retreat was a great couple of days. In our perspective, all the young men wanted to be there. That was a good sign, as vocations are greatly needed in the Church at this moment.

     Br. Victor and Br. Alex helped the Oakland Seminarians with small group discussions, activities, and games. Many of the activities involved the participation of all the retreat-ants  seminarians, and Capuchins, as they fostered ideas such as teamwork and trust. 

   Every day included Mass, morning prayer, and evening prayer, in order to give the young men a feel of the prayer-life of a priest. Talks were given by numerous priests, and Br. Victor and Br. Alex gave a talk on the Evangelical Counsels, Religious life in general, and the Capuchin Order. There was also time for personal prayer and reflection, as the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for an hour of adoration.

    For all the worrying Catholics out there, there is no need to worry. God is continuing to call men to the priesthood. We are thankful and grateful to these young men who were courageous enough to answer the Lord's call. 

     A special thanks to Fr. Neal Clemens for having the Capuchins help out, as well as a special thanks to the Knights of Columbus for providing meals and support for the retreat.