Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Capuchin Brothers Music Percussionist Invested!

     Capuchin Brothers Music would like to proudly announce that our Percussionist, Br. Niko Barth, was officially invested as a Novice at the San Lorenzo Seminary about two weeks ago, along with fellow Br. William Cisneros. Our two brothers received their Capuchin habits (the religious garb/clothing) on July 19th, along with 21 other novices from the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

Br. William Cisneros (left) and Percussionist Br. Niko Barth (right)

     The novitiate year will be a time for the novices to further discern God's will, to see if God is calling them to our way of life. They will be involved in some ministry and physical work and labor, but will mainly be cultivating their prayer-life. 

23 newly invested novices, the Novitiate Formation Staff, and fellow Capuchin Friars from different Provinces.

     We are very excited for our two brothers! Please join us in praying for their vocation and perseverance. Congratulations brothers!