Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quo Vadis Days- "Where Are You Going?"

     Quo Vadis Days, which is Latin for "Where are you going?"  was the second retreat that Capuchin Brothers Music took part in this month. This particular retreat, situated at the Diocesan Retreat Center for the Oakland Diocese in Lafeyette, CA, was geared towards young men who are discerning the priesthood and/or religious life. This retreat was a great couple of days. In our perspective, all the young men wanted to be there. That was a good sign, as vocations are greatly needed in the Church at this moment.

     Br. Victor and Br. Alex helped the Oakland Seminarians with small group discussions, activities, and games. Many of the activities involved the participation of all the retreat-ants  seminarians, and Capuchins, as they fostered ideas such as teamwork and trust. 

   Every day included Mass, morning prayer, and evening prayer, in order to give the young men a feel of the prayer-life of a priest. Talks were given by numerous priests, and Br. Victor and Br. Alex gave a talk on the Evangelical Counsels, Religious life in general, and the Capuchin Order. There was also time for personal prayer and reflection, as the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for an hour of adoration.

    For all the worrying Catholics out there, there is no need to worry. God is continuing to call men to the priesthood. We are thankful and grateful to these young men who were courageous enough to answer the Lord's call. 

     A special thanks to Fr. Neal Clemens for having the Capuchins help out, as well as a special thanks to the Knights of Columbus for providing meals and support for the retreat.