Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Year...New Members

 As 2016 has begun, we wanted to introduce our new members, in addition to Brother Victor and Lance. Here are a few videos so you can get to know them a little better:

First off, we want to introduce Connor Maher, a student at St. Mary's college who is a percussionist and beat boxer. Check out this video which displays his beat boxing skills:

Next, we want to introduce a member of the Salesian family, nephew of Father John Roche, Sean Roche. Sean plays a variety of instruments, including the bass guitar, guitar, harmonica, ukulele, and the banjo. Here is a clip of him playing the banjo:

Lastly, we want to re-introduce a guy who many are already familiar with, who also plays a variety of instruments including the guitar and the bass. His name is Devin Twitty. See 2:11:

These guys are very talented individuals and great men who want to serve God using their gifts and talents. It's been great playing with them so far and we hope 2016 will bring in a great year for Capuchin Brothers Music. Peace in Christ!