Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pope Francis Receives "Metanoia"!

David Flores, our good friend who helped to produce our single, Mary Blessed Mother/Do Whatever He Tells you on our album "Metanoia," recently got a rare opportunity to meet Pope Francis! The Holy Father invited a group of newly married couples to meet him, and David and his wife and good friend of ours, Pauline, were chosen to meet him!

We gave David a copy of our album to give to Pope Francis, as well as a letter addressed the pope thanking him for his witness, love, and example. We also asked Pope Francis to bless our ministry as we try to share the love that God has given us.

Here are the photos! You can see a man (David) giving Pope Francis a letter with "Metanoia" wrapped with it:

We want to thank David for doing this and we hope Pope Francis enjoys the album!