Saturday, July 25, 2015

Youth on a Mission

     The month of July has been full of blessings! Capuchin Brothers Music was on call again, as we participated in 2 back-to-back retreats in mid-July. The first one, called Youth on a Mission (YOAM), was a 4 day retreat for high school students who were interested in becoming youth ministers. Maybe 150 young men and women were in attendance from a number of different dioceses in Northern California, including Fresno, Sacramento, Monterey, Reno, Stockton, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and of course Oakland.

     Br. Lance led a small group and did music for Mass as well as praise and worship music. Br. Victor helped in small group activities, did some rap music, and even "battled" some of the youth in a dance-off. 

     Overall, the retreat was amazing to say the least! Arguably the best that we've ever participated in. Why? Because of the enthusiasm, camaraderie, and love of Christ that we saw present in the youth. There was evidently a desire in them to be a true servant for God's Church. 

Br. Lance and his small group

Here's a link for YOAM's blog: