Sunday, June 7, 2015

St. Ignatius Church, San Francisco

Last month, Capuchin Brothers Music was invited to perform at St. Ignatius Church for adoration, praise & worship, and a concert. This was a dual event put on by both St. Ignatius Church and St. Dominic's, both in San Francisco. Although there wasn't as many people present as a typical Catholic Underground, we played as if there were, putting our hearts and souls into it. Whether we are playing for 200 people, 100,  or even 1 person, it is all worth it for the glory of God. Praised be Him now and forever, Amen.

Also forgot to mention that our newest member of the band, Devin Twitty, got to perform with us. He played the bass very well, and is an excellent finger-picker. Thanks for joining us Devin!

Look for video clips of this event soon!