Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Awesome Night of Music at the Catholic Underground

It was an awesome and blessed time at the Catholic underground last night! We had a beautiful time praising and worshipping God in adoration inside the church. After, we moved downstairs into the parish hall and has a great time rocking out and praising the Lord with our gifts. This was our first time officially performing as a group and I don't think it could have gone better. 

In the beginning of the day I was kind of worried because it seemed as if everything that could go wrong was going wrong. And I thought it was pretty clear to see that enemy was trying to do some attacking and probably didn't want this night to happen. However, God is so much greater and bigger than all that garbage.....and in the end we all soaked up that wonderful love that God gives and praised Him for that with our music....which is really His music because all of these blessings, grace, and gifts come from God!

Thanks be to God for the wonderful opportunity to be able to do this. I truly felt the love of Jesus in a special way last night and hope everyone else did as well. I will try to post some more pics and vids of the night when I can. 

Peace and God Bless!